Matt and Kim + Tokyo Police Club
The Riv // Chicago, IL // April 17, 2018

Every pop show needs balloons, glitter, and inflatable unmentionables.

When a musical act makes you feel like a kid again, you know that act is special. For the thousands of fans who filled The Riv on a Tuesday night (including yours truly), that giddy, innocent feeling came flooding back when Matt and Kim came onstage. The adorable duo started dating in 2004 and playing music together (Matt on keys and vocals and Kim on drums), and they will be releasing their sixth studio album, Almost Everyday, next month. While the two have had a slightly tumultuous relationship, they managed to avoid The White Stripes’ fate and have kept making music through it all. For their Chicago show, they pulled out all the stops and even used some props that avid fans brought (more on that later).

Matt and Kim

Indie rockers Tokyo Police Club opened for Matt and Kim and put on an incredible show. The band has played some of the biggest festivals in the world, yet their songs feel like they were meant to be played in a dive bar; with vocalist and bassist David Monks leading the way, Tokyo Police Club rock hard and fast. They opened their set with a new song, “New Blues,” which has a distinct British rock vibe a la Bloc Party or Kaiser Chiefs. The single is their first new song in nearly two years and a hopeful indication that more music is on the way. Fans have really been liking this single, saying it’s a return to the band’s original sound, and this was a perfect way to start off the night in Chicago.

Matt and Kim played a ton of their most well-known songs and gave fans a glimpse at the tracks that will be on their new album. Even though both of them have to sit to play their instruments, they were running across the stage and interacting with fans as much as possible while still playing music. Kim stood on top of the drum set to scream at the top of her lungs, while Matt jumped onto the tallest speaker to get the crowd to sing along. The band’s antics and ridiculous props have prompted fans to bring massive inflatable penises to their shows. Seriously. Kim nearly squealed with excitement when she spotted a huge (and anatomically accurate) novelty blow-up toy in the crowd. It eventually made its way to the stage, where she pretended to ride it like a horse on top of her drum set. While it may sound silly, these moments in the show make Matt and Kim one of the most genuine acts to see live. Their enthusiasm and happiness is palpable, and it reached every single one of their fans that night in Chicago.

Matt and Kim continue their U.S. tour in the Northeast before playing several festivals this summer. For tickets and tour dates, click HERE.

Tokyo Police Club

Matt and Kim