Electro-pop/synth wave artist Zenith Volt is back with a lyric/futuristic-visual for his single, “Hold On.” 

Based out of Hawaii, Zenith pulls sounds from retro and futuristic palates.

This track is one of his best yet, containing pulsing beats with buzzing synths intertwined with his colorful, dystopian, universe he creates to go along with the music. It’s like a time machine taking us to what Los Angeles may look like in 30 years. 

The “Hold On” video visuals are from a highly skilled artist who goes by the handle @visualdon out of the UK.

Zenith comments, “I edited the video as I do for all my stuff. I enjoy editing. Pairing the sounds with the visuals gives me the feeling of being a conductor over the project. It all comes down to timing. Everything comes down to timing…”

When it comes to the fascination of futuristic visuals he says “The future is yet to be written. Its entire existence is rooted in budding manifestations and presumptions. To me, a great way to feel the future in-the-now is through art. Sights and sounds make the world go round!”

Zenith Volt creates ethereal reality, attuned to the openness, enormity, and unpredictability of the expanding universe, and the unknown that ever lies ahead.