Today, the indie-rock band, Lakes, based out of the UK, has released the lyric video for their latest single “Warning Signs.”

The band started off in 2017 when drummer Matt Shaw worked on some acoustic demos. This project quickly turned into a six-piece when talented friends of his bonded over the love of American Football, Minus the Bear, and The Appleseed Cast. They have taken these influences and crafted their sound to become a mixture of emo/math-rock and Fleetwood Mac style dual-vocal pop melodies. 

Last August they released their debut album “The Constance LP,” which was recorded entirely by Shaw in a spare room with a few mics and a PC over the course of a year. 

“Warning Signs” is taken from Lakes’ most recent EP. “This World of Ours, It Came Apart” which was released in mid-July. 

This track features Ed Hutchinson from the Watford hardcore band, Incoherence.