It’s not every day a classically trained ballerina sets out to be punk-styled, 80’s inspired pop singer. With artistic authenticity shining out from practically everything she does, LEXXE is a breath of fresh air with a raw story to tell alongside refreshingly upbeat music.

She is releasing her EP this fall and today is the release of her single+video for “85′.”

Along with releasing new music this fall, Alexis Lucena is going to be making her feature film debut as a dancer in the Warner Bros screen adaption of “In The Heights.” 

Her dance background and time on the stage has come together to influence her music and sound effortlessly, which bring authenticity to her work, challenging the traditional “pop-star” mold.

When it comes to this single, LEXXE says, “85’ was inspired by a new love interest of mine, and how I felt like I was “restarting” or getting a re-do on a lot of my “first times”. It came from a really pure, exciting place that I feel like is hard to come by when it comes to romance these days. Not so surprisingly this person was my first queer love interest, so to me, it was a huge first in a lot of ways. The whole idea of let’s rewind and “act like it’s our first” was really exciting to me at the time. I asked my producer to re-create that “singing into a hairbrush” energy and 85′ was born about an hour later.”

“The innocent excitement of the song lends itself to a naivety, so the visual that accompanies it sort of focuses on how you can get so caught up in the excitement of something new and all you make it up to be in your head, without realizing it was never that. Loving the idea of something until you realize you ended up a fool- was the notion we went off for the music video. I really love Pavarotti’s performance of  “Vesti la giubba”, so there’s a strong nod to that when the video takes a turn at the end.”