Close Talker is an indie/rock band that has made great strides in a short period of time:  two commercial releases and numerous tours throughout North America and Europe, garnering international attention from talent buyers and critically acclaimed publications.

Close Talker comes from  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, forming from a group of friends in 2012. 

Today they release the video for “Second Best.”

The band comments, We bounced around a bunch of ideas for the Second Best video, at different points we were going to book out a baseball stadium, explore a forest, remake an 80’s aerobics video… but nothing really landed 100%. Then one day Matt tossed out “well, I had this idea of a guy getting kidnapped over and over, and something feels strange about where he’s being taken.” There it was. Filmed and edited by Dale Bailey (@shouldadanished) and starring in the lead role is Motorbike James (@motorbikejames). With all our videos, we love bringing in some aspect of mystery or confusion. Second Best is no different – Dale captured this discovery so wonderfully. He balances the darker, mysterious aesthetic with humor and it makes for a perfect visual for the song. No spoilers, watch til the end.”

Each year, Close Talker’s artistic integrity and success grow, finding an enthusiastic response from fans and critics alike.

The band’s forthcoming album “How Do We Stay Here?” showcases a new musical direction for the group, showcasing deeper lyrical performances and beauty in surrounding instrumentation. 

Their music is both captivating and liberating, allowing listeners to stop, take a breath, and appreciate the present while fighting to remain in it.