We’ve been telling you for months that Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort was destined to be the next crossover success story, and those needing further proof need only hear his new single.

Released early Friday morning, “All I Think About Is You” is a powerful, dance floor ready house track about the person you cannot shake from your mind. Maybe they are your lover or perhaps just someone you wish you could make love you, but we have all encountered these people before. There are few things in life more exciting than finding yourself completely addicted to someone who is completely addicted to you, and now Elgort has provided a perfect soundtrack or that sensation.

Readers of Substream may recall that we recently ran an in-depth feature on Elgort’s music career to date. In it, Managing Editor James Shotwell summarized Elgort’s work by observing that “In a time where all forms of popular entertainment are constantly ridiculed for their predictability we have here a young man with a voice unlike anything in music who is crafting catchy, original pop songs constructed with the latest production technology. He is, in short, the future, and anyone with half a brain would be wise to recognize that sooner than later. Don’t get left behind.”

Elgort’s latest film, Baby Driver, arrives this month. Look for a review to appear on here in the days ahead.