Roots of Creation, a reggae-rock band which has charted #1 on Billboard, has returned with their new music video “Casey Jones,” an infectious revival of the Grateful Dead classic.

“Casey Jones,” tells the tale of a locomotive engineer who became a folk hero after his death in a train crash in 1900. Filmed between the East and West coast, the video celebrates the 50th anniversary of the original Grateful Dead release and showcases iconic locations in NYC and Los Angeles.

“Casey Jones” features Dan Kelly of California-based reggae band Fortunate Youth and was brought to life by the production of original Bob Marley engineering legend Errol “Tuff Sound” Brown. The song is featured on Roots of Creation’s “Grateful Dub:  A Reggae-Infused Tribute To The Grateful Dead,” which refreshes the Dead’s most beloved songs for a new audience. 

The track brings out a whole new world for The Grateful Dead listeners. The Reggae brings a new sound to “Casey Jones”, making it almost a little more modern, but it still has the same cult-like draw that attracts listeners. When I think of The Grateful Dead, I immediately think about their cult following. I think that because The Grateful Dead and Roots of Creation have such different sounds is why this rendition of “Casey Jones” really works. It can bring fans of The Dead into a new genre of music and vice-versa for Roots of Creation. The blending and mixing of two genres that don’t usually go together is the fun part about music, being an artist you can see what works and bring all music lovers together.

Roots of Creation have become known for their high energy live shows which pack venues all across the country. 

Frontman Brett Wilson comments, “I have to hand it to Errol “Tuff Sound” Brown (Bob Marley’s original sound engineer) on dialing in the authentic tones and capturing the absolute best performance out of the band on our rendition of “Casey Jones.” off our album “Grateful Dub: a Reggae-infused tribute to the Grateful Dead.” Dan Kelly from Fortunate Youth really stamped his soulful signature vocal style on it and hit a home run.”