Retro Champ is a rising rapper hailing from the dead center of the midwest, St. Louis, Missouri. The rapper dropped his debut EP, Backlash, back in 2019 and has kept things going ever since, with the release of more music and fun surprises for his fans.

Most recently, Retro Champ released his EP, F.Y.I., back on July 24th of this year, with showcased his growth and dedication to the grind and constantly experimenting with new sounds. The release features the single “Lawd Have Mercy,” which has quickly become the rapper’s most popular track across streaming platforms, garnering tens of thousands of streams to date.

2020 might be halfway over, but that doesn’t mean that Retro Champ is done and coasting through the rest of the year. Constantly looking to evolve, he’s already working on writing for his next EP, and may even have a few more tricks up his sleep this year as he continues to branch out.

Today, Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with Retro Champ to be exclusively premiering the music video for his song, “Confidence.” The song itself appears on the F.Y.I. EP, and serves as the opening, tone-setting track for the release. Always one to believe in self-help and positivity, with music in vein of NF and Logic, “Confidence” is one that’s important for the rapper.

Confidence is about me finally being confident with myself again,” Retro Champ tells Substream. “I struggled a lot with my confidence growing up, this song shows that I have grown and that I’m happy with who I am. I also want other people to love themselves for who they are and have the confidence in themselves to be them.

Below you can our premiere of the J.T. Ibanez (P.O.D., Ashland, Picturesque) music video.

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