The indie-rock duo, Hey, King! Has released their latest single “Half Alive,” via ANTI-Records. Hey, King! Is made up of songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Natalie London and her partner, vocalist, and percussionist Taylor Plecity; the powerful “Half Alive” is their most personal song to date.

“Half Alive” is said to be the first song that producer Ben Harper and London have disagreed on title wise. 

“I still insist on calling it that on stage to the embarrassment of my mom when she’s in the audience,” London jokes. 

“Half Alive” has been called a perfect slice of London and Plecity’s relationship-. The song encompasses longing, chaos, and surrender- it really dives into the journey between these two musicians. 

Because the song is so personal, it made sense for the band to articulate it visually. They succeed in creating something with a raw, vulnerable feeling with a sensuality that serves the physicality of the song. The video reflects both their intimate and personal vision. 

The song also speaks of London’s journey to allow love in her life again. After a nearly fatal struggle with Lyme disease which left her bedridden for four months, the song speaks on how her relationship with Plecity changed her life. 

In the final statement of the song, London powerfully sings, “I was only half alive before I loved you.” She explains, “That doesn’t mean you aren’t a whole person outside of a relationship, but it wasn’t until I let myself truly be loved that I realized how much of me had been comfortably numb.”

“Half Alive” is the band’s third single. Hey, King! previously released “Don’t Let Me Get Away” and “Lucky.”