Today, Arkells have returned with a brand new single, “Quitting You.” While the band was knee-deep working on their next studio album, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine forced them to take four months apart from one another, which is the longest they’ve ever spent off the road.

While it provided a bit of a challenge for Arkells, rather than slow down completely, they took a different path.

“Quitting You” is an intimate song that speaks about finding comfort in those closest to you, and was inspired by Arkells’ upcoming project, Campfire Chords. Campfire Chords is due out August 20th and is a stripped-back collection of Arkells’ most beloved songs, and is their first full-length presentation of this side to their music.

Campfire Chords is just how it sounds: their songs stripped down to sound like they would be perfect to be sung and played around a campfire. In the current age of no concerts, we all still rely on music to get us through the days, and have music playing while we are in the kitchen, backyard, around a campfire, etc., and that’s what this project is for. Arkells included songs bout the essentials if life — love, community, friendship, and optimism — making Campfire Chords the perfect companion right now.

The accompanying music video for “Quitting You,” released today, can be found below — and was entirely self-shot by Arkells frontman Max Kerman in one-take on an iPhone 11 Pro.


  1. Knocking At The Door
  2. Quitting You
  3. Years In The Making
  4. Whistleblower
  5. Michigan Left
  6. I’m Not The Sun
  7. Don’t Be A Stranger
  8. Come To Light
  9. A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)
  10. Eyes On The Prize
  11. Book Club
  12. And Then Some
  13. Kiss Cam
  14. My Heart’s Always Yours
  15. Hand Me Downs
  16. 11:11
  17. Relentless
  18. Leather Jacket
  19. Take Me Home (Outro)