After building attention with their latest song, “Just Fine.” Los Angeles indie sensation Kuwalla returns with another impressive follow-up in the new song, titled, “Flying High.”

On “Flying High,” the band addresses the ups and downs that come with relationships. Relatable by consumers both worldwide and on so many levels, the band delivers the way it feels when your relationship hits a ‘low’ point after having been high for so long.

The song begins with a voice memo from the band’s lead’s iPhone. A true rollercoaster ride, the song embodies a deep raw emotion that will convince fans that Kuwalla is an act that will quickly become a mainstay in today’s music. The new sound for Kuwalla still caters well to their fan base of indie and alternative rock lovers. “Flying high” makes it clear that they’re ready to improve and to find a compromise in order to make it work.

Kuwalla is on the verge of becoming one of the hottest new rock bands of 2020. The band has received praise from major publications like Medium, Tattoo Magazine and most recently, The Hollywood Tribune. From Indie Alternative to Hard Rock to Blues, they hope to take the music of their environment, modernize it, and share it with the world for years to come.

Kuwalla is comprised of four versatile musicians, Kyle Sain (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Brian Huynh (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Marty Griffin (Drums), Danny Leserman (Bass & Keyboard). Stream the new song now.