The streetwear culture’s glory days are long behind them as we enter an all-new decade. But there is a new fashion house making a lot of noise due to its major involvement in the current pandemic. 2019 saw the arrival of the newly popular line, properly-titled, Frontline Millionaires. A socially conscious fashion line positioned on the “Frontline,” launched with the sole purpose of positively influencing the community while fostering leaders.

Frontline Millionaires was created by friends/creators Victor Jackson and RayQuan Miles in 2019. The idea behind the brand was the two’s passion for Hip-Hop, especially motivational music by the late-Nipsey Hussle, whom the brand’s description derives from his Victory Lap album track, “Key 2 The City.” The song influenced the creators to become a fashion house following a trip to the rapper’s neighborhood of Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

Powered by music, the brand overcame many hardships. Victor and RayQuan say, “We’ve all experienced hardships, but wielding an affirmative attitude can make all the difference in our futures. Underdogs can become top dogs. We are the first responders in any situation. We have calculated creatives who understand risk and reward.”

Reasonable pricing, bold appeal and influence, the fashion house has created a formidable following on social media. The brand’s merchandise is available now everywhere. Check out the all-star photo gallery below.

In less than a year, the fashion house has become a huge draw in the Hip-Hop community. To date, the line has seen approval by big-name acts like Rapsody, Roddy Richh and Griselda Records. Affordable pricing, stylish ensembles and natural color schemes, Frontline Millionaires is easily the hottest new brand on the market that everyone will follow in no time.

Check out the complete Frontline Millionaires catalog today on the official website. Follow the clothing line on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates and more.