Sometimes a band loses its frontman and the band is toast. Other times, it’s a PB&J sandwich. I caught up with NEW Makeout frontman Kyle Dee and we created our top twelve bands to replace their front person for the better.

  1. ALL

SW: I’m glad that this list takes care of ALL bands that have had a different lead singer.

KD: As the resident old guy in this piece, you can teach me ALL about them.

SW: Are we really going there? Right away? You’re biting the hand that is feeding you, sir. Let’s see how things make out.

KD: Makeout!

SW: What a way to kick things off, Kyle. ALL should get more love.

KD: (laughs) While we’re on the topic of kicking things off, let’s jump to Van Halen.

  1. Van Halen

SW: Were you even born in 1985?

KD: I was born in the next decade.

SW: Great.

KD: I attribute a lot of my vocal abilities to this band. My dad loved DLR era Van Halen, and I’m a fan of ALL Van Halen.

SW: So your love didn’t happen right now?

KD: (pauses for 5150 seconds) No.

SW: There’s no tomorrow.

  1. Blessthefall

KD: Speaking of the future, didn’t you just go and see this band?

SW: Yup. There wasn’t a hollow body in the room.

KD: Did you find yourself having a good time?

SW: (pauses for 40 days) Yes.

KD: Wow. Just wow. That was melodramatic, Scott.

SW: I can carry on now.

KD: Don’t. Let’s shine some lights on a new subject: Blessthefall’s old singer’s newer project…

  1. Escape The Fate

SW: ESCAPE THE FATE! I saw this band on the same bill as the Blessthefall show. Shit was tight.

KD: This is one band that truly has progressed with its new singer.

SW: ETF must’ve gotten a flood of auditions after its first album came out.

KD: Sounds like a really sticky situation.

SW: Haha. All drama aside, Escape The Fate’s “This War Is Ours” is an amazing sophomore album, and the fact that so many of its songs get played live today is a testament to its quality.

KD: Agreed. Onward. Upward.

8. Dance Gavin Dance

SW: Speaking of onward and upward!

KD: This band is huge now.

SW: Indeed. They own the night.

KD: Really? Do you have the receipt?

SW: No.

KD: Awkward.

SW: Here’s something new and it isn’t a dad joke: The newest incarnation of this band is my favorite version of DGD.

KD: Lots of (shark) dad jokes in this piece.

SW: Hey, you knew what you were getting into!

KD: No deception there.

  1. The Dillinger Escape Plan

SW: No deception here either: This band may be one of the most musically talented heavy bands that I have ever heard.

KD: More than enough to phone home about.

SW: K.D. phone home.


SW: Thanks, girl. No need to fix that (cute) face of yours.

KD: (blushes)

SW: I’m glad that I’m manufacturing content here.

KD: Agreed. Farewell to this portion of our piece and Mona Lisa.

SW: I hate you, Lisa! Dammit, I love this next band and all of its incarnations…

  1. blink-182

KD: When I was eleven I wanted to be Tom DeLonge.

SW: So what you’re saying is that you wanted to be a former member of blink-182?

KD: (singing) Scotty, you’re my source of most frustration.

SW: Kyle, I really wish I hated you.

KD: Fun fact that may supplant your hate: Matt Skiba once sang on stage with my old band. We shared a mic.

SW: Talk about a brohemian rhapsody, amirite?

  1. Queen

KD: You’re the transition king.

SW: Thanks, but Adam Lambert is the real MVP here: He went from American Idol to fucking Queen.

KD: Unbelievable. I know a thing or two about that show.

SW: The show must go on!

KD: And it has… Adam Lambert has one of the best male vocals I’ve ever heard.

SW: He must’ve been under (wait for it, wait for it) a lot of pressure.

KD: Dammit, Scott!


  1. Genesis

KD: I don’t know. Let’s take this back to the beginning.

SW: But you were born in the 90s.

KD: This is true. The only Genesis that I knew much about at that time was a Sega.

SW: I’m more of a Super Nintendo girl, and no son of mine could’ve been born in the 90s.

KD: Facts. It’s badass that this band’ s replacement singer was its drummer.

SW: Phil must’ve had the invisible touch.

KD: YUP! And that’s all for this portion of our wonderful collaborative article. Follow you, follow me to AC/DC.

  1. AC/DC

SW: Followed. Liked. Subscribed.

KD: Commented. By the way, “You Shook Me All Night Long” is my go-to karaoke song.

SW: I’d like to see you ride that one out.

KD: Dammit, Scott.

SW: I shoot to thrill, Kyle.

KD: That’s the way I wanna rock ‘n’ roll.

SW: ROCK! On a more serious note, it’s pretty badass that AC/DC’s first album without singer Bon Scott began with the song “Hells Bells,” which literally began with a bell that echoed what a funeral is supposed to sound like.

KD: I concur. What a beautiful tribute. It’s a long way to the top of this list, but we have two to go.

2. Black Flag

SW: Fuckin’ Black Flag.

KD: Fuckin’ Black Flag.

  1. Journey

SW: Both of this band’s major replacement singers made me start believin’ in Journey.

KD: Nice. Writing this article has been quite the journey.

SW: I love you.

How solid is this list? Let us know!