The impact Kenny Rogers had on music was — and still is/always will be — undeniable. There are artists across every genre that would tell you how much they admired Rogers and his music. When he passed away last month, it sent waves all throughout the music community. Outpouring love and admiration wasn’t hard to find, rightfully so.

There was no shortage of tributes made to Rogers, and rising indie-pop act Paper Jackets is now ready to share their own tribute: a cover of “The Gambler.” Paper Jackets’ original music is catchy and filled with memorable hooks galore, and their cover is a good indication of this.

Paper Jackets didn’t change much in the structure of the song — but how could you with “The Gambler”? Instead, they honor Rogers with a little bit of their own personal touch on the track. Frontman James Mason explains that, “When I heard the news that Kenny Rogers had passed it brought back memories of when I was a kid and when my parents would play his music. I felt inspired to bring this to the band and create a virtual session using some iphones and our instruments to capture a decent video and audio feed. We feel humbled by the state of the world and thought the message of this song is appropriate and a nice way to remember a great artist. We hope you enjoy.”

Listen to the cover for yourself below.