Central New Jersey’s Pollyanna is an indie/rock band that’s ready to show you what they’ve got. The trio — consisting of lead singer and guitarist Jill Beckett, drummer Dan McCool, and bassist Brandon Bolton — derive the name Pollyanna from the definition “unreasonably or illogically optimistic,” which is a fitting hint at the band’s playfully fun, yet driven nature.

Initially forming in 2013, the three began writing and playing music with friends in middle school. Just 13 years old, they all knew that creating music and playing to audiences is what they were destined to do.

From 2014-2017, the band operated under the name Chasing Down Sunset, and ultimately the name changed when Beckett and McCool decided to operate simply as a duo, all the way up until August of 2019 when Bolton joined officially and rounded out it’s current lineup.

Throughout their career, Pollyanna has opened and toured with acts like The Dangerous Summer, Have Mercy, Future Teens, Hot Mulligan, Heart Attack Man, and many more. Through their hard work and dedication to grinding it out in the music industry — on top of their own combination of dreamy synths and raw lyrics — the band has won over a following in the New Jersey music scene and beyond.

All of this brings us to today, when Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with Pollyanna to bring you the next chapter in their impressive young story. This comes in the form of their single, “Good for You,” which is a heartbreaking single telling the story of ending a complicated relationship.

As Beckett elaborates to Substream, “Good For You’ is about being completely and brutally honest in a relationship. It explains that you and that specific someone are just not right for each other. It’s inevitable that you will have to rip the bandaid off and end the relationship despite the circumstances.”

Listen to our exclusive stream of “Good for You” below.