Yup. The dude in the band who sang “1985” in 2004 (and every day since its release) and I co-wrote a piece about the ultimate 80s rock band: Motley Crue. Yup. Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup is an MC-super fan, and it was quite fun to rank the band’s catalog without copious amounts of cocaine, strippers, lawsuits, and networking under tables at the Rainbow. Yup.
Here’s the many colors of Crue:
9. Saints Of Los Angeles
JR: One of these had to be last!
SW: From last to first.
JR: Great band. Wait.
SW: The animal in me wanted to start with a dad joke.
JR: And we’re dads! And I have a rockstar dad radio show!
SW: Welcome to the machine: idobi Radio.
JR: What’s it gonna take for us to move on?
8. New Tattoo
SW: Me getting ink done?
JR: Now that’s a dad joke. This album is full of those!
SW: What on earth do you mean?
JR: It’s just fun to listen to, Scott.
SW: Quit treating me like the dog that I am, Jaret.
JR: Great song title.
SW: Not a fake statement.
JR: Now for our Hollywood ending: Onto the self-titled record!
7. Motley Crue
SW: Misunderstood.
JR: Misunderstood.
6. Generation Swine
SW: Confessions: I’m going to be crucified by MC fans for admitting this publicly, but this was the first Motley Crue album that I ever heard… I often find myself listening to it.
JR: Don’t be afraid to admit that, Scott. Oh, and Vince is back!
SW: (What a) beauty.
JR: If you like grunge, this is the Crue record for you.
SW: I love grunge. This is the Crue record for me.
5. Theater Of Pain
JR: This is the Crue record for me. It’s louder than hell.
SW: How loud is hell?
JR: Home sweet home.
SW: (fist bumps him) Bump your fists to rock.
JR: Great song. Wait.
SW: Mr. Reddick, you must keep your eye on the money.
JR: Mr. Waldman, you’re making me feel good.
4. Dr. Feelgood
SW: (sings) He’s the one they call Dr. Reddick. He’s gonna make you eat soup good.
JR: Scott, without you this article would not be sticky sweet.
SW: I’m glad that it isn’t time for a change because we aren’t done.
JR: (sings) It’s the same ol’ situation.
SW: S.O.S. – I love ABBA.
JR: (sings) Motley Mia.
SW: I love you.
3. Girls, Girls, Girls
JR: You’re all I need.
SW: You’re all I need.
JR: Actually, all I need is a set of legs and burgundy lips.
SW: All I need is the sunset strip.
JR: And they strip there!
SW: Well played. No jailhouse time for you.
JR: Thank you. Thank you very much.
SW: Ok.
JR: Ok?
2. Too Fast For Love
SW: This album is much more than ok.
JR: This could just as easily have been my number 1 pick. I still have my studded belt.
SW: You’d make a great album cover.
JR: I’ve been on a few.
SW: I’ve been on a Jew.
JR: Welcome to fatherhood.
SW: My son is a live wire.
JR: (sings) Live wire!
1. Shout At The Devil
SW: Stop yelling.
JR: Shout. Shout. Shout at the devil!
We hope that you enjoyed Waldman’s (and Reddick’s) Words above, and we both urge you to listen to this playlist right now. Every song on this mix is the second song on the album. Why? Crue rhymes with two! Yup. Listen! It’ll definitely make you feelgood.