After a twenty year hiatus, Big Mother Gig returned to music in 2017 with their EP, Almost Primed — a 6 song collection of hard-hitting songs that received praise across the music world. The EP was recorded by Jeff Hamilton (Violent Femmes) and Dan Long (Local Natives, Spiral Stairs).

Starting earlier this year, Big Mother Gig continued with music by releasing, at the time, stand alone singles. “The Great Heist” was released back in January. “(Let’s Make) Compelling Content” was debuted on SiriusXM by Rodney Bingenheimer and quickly charted at #7 on the FMQB Submodern Radio Chart. The Peaking Lights remix wound up coming shortly after, as well.

All of that leads up to today, where we are partnering with Big Mother Gig to premiere their new album, No More Questions. The band set out to prove that rock and roll music is alive and well, and the album is a great representation of everything right with rock music. You can stream the record, in full, below.

“This band was a distant memory from 1996 until about two and a half years ago,” the band begin on explaining the record. “We missed making rock and roll music, we felt that the scene needed a kick in the pants. We started releasing singles, jumping around on stages, and belting into filthy microphones about our deepest feelings. the results of this 2-year reunion is finally here. No More Questions collects all our singles since 2016 along with a bunch of smoking new tracks including ‘Low Payout’ which features the gravel mouth of Dicky Barrett and ‘Our Cover’s Blown’ which features the sweet smile of Britta Phillips. Rock music has gotten so bland and restrained, we’re trying to tear it up and start again.”