This is the first of five articles for the “Week Of Waldman”. M is for Monday. M is also for Metallica (AND McDonald). David McDonald is a publicist who loves metal. M is for Metal. Enough with the sesame street references until tomorrow. We ranked Metallica’s insane studio album catlog by using one word to describe each record.

#11 – Lulu (2011)

DM: Clusterfuck.
SW: Dragon.
#10 – St. Anger (2003)
DM: Bassless.
SW: Frantictictictictictictoc.
#9 – Reload (1997)
DM: Fuel.
SW: Fire!
(David runs out of the room)
#8 – Load (1996)
SW: Alternative.
DM: Load.
(Scott leaves the room to put diapers in his Honda trunk)

#7 – Death Magnetic (2008)

DM: Throwback.
SW: Rickrubin.

#6 – Hardwired To Self Destruct (2016)

DM: ManUNkind.
SW: DavidKind.

#5 – Kill ‘Em All (1983)

DM: Bludgeoning.
SW: Whiplash.
(David checks his cell phone)

#4 – Metallica (1991)

SW: Sad.
DM: Buttrue.

#3 – …And Justice For All (1988)
SW: Bassless.
DM: Frantictictictictictictoc.

#2 – Ride The Lightning (1984)

SW: Epic.
DM: Ride.

#1 – Master of Puppets (1986)
SW: Master.
DM: Master!
I never realized that so many title tracks on Metallica albums are the second songs on said Metallica record. Every song on this playlist is the second song on each Metallica album. Who does number two work for? Find out tomorrow and tune into this playlist today.