Short Fictions paint for the fine detail. Their approach to songwriting is built around experience and is as much a love-letter for their hometown of Pittsburgh and their fleeting youth as it is bitter and scornful retaliation. You can hear it all throughout their new album, Fates Worse Than Death, as they straddle topics like death, romance, and gentrification. The songs that make up the record are lovesick and heartbroken all in the same breath. Which is why I couldn’t be more excited to share this Twin Peaks Session with y’all!

Short Fictions are making some of the most earnest and inspiring music in the scene right now. As we’ve previously discussed, their new record is a love-letter to the city that built them and the city that is slowly being ripped away from them. This session sees the band strip down the otherwise jangly and romantic “Really Like You” and the longingly nostalgic “Living In Places Like These Can Be Bad For Your Health,” allowing the stark nature of their songwriting to shine even brighter than it does on record. You can see that for yourself by watching the session above.

Fates Worse Than Death is out now and can be streamed below.

Fates Worse Than Death by Short Fictions