January is the perfect time to introduce new artists destined to takeover the new year. Meet the next big thing in Dance in this new project by an unknown LVWZ.

LVWZ is a polarizing new artist best known for his multi-faceted sound and undeniable influence. Today, the Montreal sensation introduces his newfound fanbase to the experimental sonics in new collection called, The Perfection. Exploring untapped resources, LVWZ takes his audience on an auditory journey, building a distinct cyberpunk universe while simultaneously pummeling listeners with track after track of apocalyptic bass.

The Perfection is a simple three-track effort that delivers a new wave that is destined to takeover dance music instantly. Featuring Social Kid, LVWZ addresses heartbreak, new love, infatuation, sorrow and much more. Taking fans on a journey through his trials and tribulations, it builds a connection with fans that will transcend into a chart-topping career.

Each track tells a different story about LVWZ life and shares lessons learned in the process. The project is the perfect jump-on point of newfound fans eager to gravitate to the next big thing in music.

Available now via Most Addictive. The project adds to LVWZ’s infectiously growing 250,000 streams. After the stream, follow the rising star for daily updates on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Stream the new EP below, courtesy of Spotify.