After accumulating popularity with over four million streams, new sensations Corporate Slackrs deliver their latest EP, titled ‘Highs & Lows’. Tiesto co-signed, the new group creates a brand-new sound that will electrify the 2020 festival run and generate millions of new fans.

The five-track collective pulls influences from many sides of EDM and engulfs them with outstanding songwriting and production. Nothing short of innovative, the new project collides based on a true story-telling with original sound bites destined for the top of the charts.

The project’s breakout track, “S.M.S” revolves around an account of indirect communication. The project’s highlight comes in “Faith,” a sunnier disposition that conveys dynamic elements of today’s dance-meets-pop.

Overall, the project addresses the recent trials and tribulations fame brought for Corporate Slackrs move to the West Coast from Florida. Feel-good vibe thanks to its magnetic dance elements, the EP is a radio-friendly rollercoaster that fans will enjoy from beginning to end and potentially label the group’s latest effort a classic.

The EP features guest appearances by Dyson, Emma Zander and Eliason. Highs & Lows is available now on Corporate Slackrs Music.

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Stream ‘Highs & Lows’ from Corporate Slackrs now.