There are artists who demand attention every time a new single is released. Skott is one of those artists. She returned after a nearly year spent writing in September with “Bloodhound,” and thankfully we didn’t have to wait another year for more new music. Today she dropped the affecting new track “Midas.”

Befitting of its name, “Midas” has an otherworldly quality in its sound. A number of loops and production tricks creates a soft, atmospheric aura that still matches with the sound Skott has cultivated for herself in her career. The lyrics invoke the ancient myth of the king who turned everything he touched to gold, but instead of a lesson on greed, Skott turns it into a meditation on isolation. It’s a smart twist on a classic story, and one that showcases her songwriting talent.

Describing the track, Skott said “’Midas’ is a song about a mythical, undying love—the struggle in daring to let your walls down, open up your heart and become mortal. You can build your life up in solid gold, but it might come at the great cost of starving your heart through isolation.”

You can listen to “Midas” below.