Skott is back, this is not a drill. After spending 2017 and early 2018 releasing pop gem after pop gem, the Swedish songwriter went on a bit of a hiatus from releasing new music. Now the wait is over, as she has returned with her new track “Bloodhound” and a music video alongside it. If that’s not exciting enough, she has also confirmed she’s working on her debut album.

“Bloodhound” contains many of the strengths Skott used to thrive in her initial releases. Her expressive, precise voice still has all the power we’re used to, anchoring the track. The production is still expansive and wide-ranging, pairing nicely with her voice, especially when she sings along with the instrumental’s melodic line. That said, there are some changes, namely in how some of the synths are used to create a more ominous, looming sound than we’ve heard from her before. This fits in with the music video, which features eerie red lighting as something nefarious goes down in the fictional town of Bloodhound.

Skott will be releasing her debut album through her own newly formed label Dollar Menu. She explained her new direction and ideas by saying “It’s ok to show your teeth a little sometimes, and not worry too much about pleasing others or playing it safe, which I think many of us can find ourselves doing at times. I feel like starting my own label kind of runs in the same mindset. The song is playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I hope it resonates with some weirdos out there doing their own thing.”

Check out the video for Skott’s new single “Bloodhound” below.