Looking back on hard times isn’t very fun. Those periods in life often contain a lot of pain and bad memories, which no one enjoys going through. Still, those times can often be used to remind ourselves how far we’ve come, or to learn lessons and know what to avoid and who to be going forward. British songwriter County Line Runner (Adam Day) is taking those lessons to heart with the release of his new track “Cold Dawn.”

“Cold Dawn” features exquisite production. The opening buildup of synths rolls in just like the sun peeking over the horizon at the beginning of the day, and serves as a great complement to the piano and guitar that kick in shortly after. Day encourages the listener to think for themselves and trust their own instincts, and from the world-weary tone in his voice, you know that comes from experience. While “Cold Dawn” was clearly built upon tough times, the track never falls into despair, instead maintaining a determination and forward momentum that propels both the music and the emotional message of the track.

Day explained the meaning behind the track, saying “‘Cold Dawn’ is really about how some things have a way of catching up with you…This song I’d written and then kind of buried, until my guitar player Sam asked about it during a recording session. Some things you write and don’t want to re-live, but Sam really connected with it and I’m glad that he helped bring it back.”

You can listen to “Cold Dawn” below. County Line Runner will be playing his first ever show in the United State next month at Mercury Lounge in New York on October 2. Tickets for that can be found here.