It’s easy to mark “authenticity” as a goal to keep in mind in the process of creating art. It’s not so easy to unpack what that really means to a person outside of what they create. Erin Bowman is a pop-singer songwriter whose journey definitely did not follow through the way she intended. Setting out to build a career in pop, she picked up traction with high profile performances on Good Morning America and the Radio Disney Music Awards. After achieving moderate success with her song “Good Time Good Life,” Bowman felt her sound begin to make the shift from production-driven pop into something more personal.

With the start of 2019 came a focus for Bowman to follow this newfound aspiration for authenticity in her work. She began writing a handful of new songs that are based in stripped-down instrumentation and center on her own personal growth. She’s ready to share those stories with the release of her debut EP, Apartment 101, which is due out on November 1. Through the lyrics of the EP, Erin Bowman unpacks the oftentimes confusing and difficult journey that is figuring out who you are in the world.

Today, Substream is proud to share the exclusive premiere of Bowman’s new single, “Your Mother,” a song that encapsulates just one part of her trials of self-discovery. Raw and emotional, the stripped back track showcases her powerful vocals with lyrics that highlight the relatable struggles of a twenty-something still finding their way in the world.

Of the track, Bowman says:

“’Your Mother’ is the oldest song off the EP. I had written it right around the time I moved to LA around 2 years ago. Unfortunately, looking back that situation feels like it was the start of a downward spiral. Some people are reckless with your feelings and with your heart and I know that all too well now. That’s a bit dark which is why I lightened it up with the title! Everyone loves a good yo momma joke! I also rhyme ‘promises’ with ‘pharmacist’ and you don’t hear something like that everyday! ;)”

Bowman will also be setting out on a U.S indie music store tour ahead of the release of her upcoming EP, starting at Fingerprints in Long Beach, California on September 9th.

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Your Mother” here: