Norwegian-born but New York living Kaya Wilkins, has returned under her moniker Okay Kaya with a stunning new single, “Ascend and Try Again.”

And, if the news of her return wasn’t enough to get you excited, the singer has also revealed an equally compelling video (co-directed by Kaya and Adinah Dancyger) to accompany the track.

The song itself mirrors the hauntingly simple, yet melodic, tones she’s become known for via her prior releases, which includes a dazzling cover of Cher’s “Believe,” and songs from her debut Both

The song came to be after the singer was offered a role in a Swedish film that would have her playing a “professional-grade scuba diver.” While she ultimately had to pass the role up for medical reasons, her work in studying the inner workings of scuba theory helped her form a connection with mental health ideologies.

Tying the two together, the singer decided to write a song about it. So without further ado, you can check out Okay Kaya’s latest track and music video for “Ascend and Try Again” below!

“Ascend and Try Again” is our first taste of new original music from the singer since she signed with Jagjaguwar, with whom she is slated to have a new album out next year.

But until the album gets dropped, the latest track from the singer is officially available to stream on all major music platforms. You can pick up your copy of the latest track by going here!