A good breakup track should check a few boxes. It should be catchy, something that can be played over and over while the healing happens. The chorus should be something you can shout along with while you’re hurting. And it needs to have the emotional core that lets the listener know the artist really gets it. Leah Capelle is an artist uniquely equipped to check all those boxes. Lucky for us, she’s done so with her new track “know me better” (premiered on NYLON).

Capelle leans heavily into an electro-pop vibe this time around, with deep buzzing synths backing up an instantly infectious beat and quick tempo. After this particular breakup she’s feeling particularly raw, especially since her ex is causing even more pain with a wishy-washy stance on staying out of her life. There’s a defiant energy in her voice that works wonders here, and the electric guitar wails and hefty drumming gives the track the extra push it needs to thrive.

You can listen to “know me better” below. In exciting news, Capelle says she’s working on her debut album, which will be released in 2020.