Canadian electronic duo Young Bombs have dropped an addictive new dance track to start your weekend off right. Beneath the lively electronic production and the vocals of singer-songwriter Gigi Grombacher, “Loyal” is a vulnerable, self-reflective song that sees the singers letting go of past bad habits that can self-sabotage a relationship. Airy synths are layered over an unrelenting beat, to which GiGi sings, “I’ve never been loyal, I’ve always been selfish with my love, was running in circles, but it’s you I run to now.” Listen below.

“‘Loyal’ is a special song to us,” Young Bombs reveals. On social media we portray ourselves as these crazy guys but deep down we are both pretty emotional. “‘Loyal’ feels like a diary entry where someone’s deepest and darkest self-reflections are realized and in turn, put them on the path of identifying true love.”

‘Loyal’ is about the desire to change from selfish love to selfless love,” featured artist (and co-writer) GiGi adds. “It’s about finding that one person who makes you want to better yourself, to stop being self-destructive and love completely.”

The duo will be heading out this fall to play a small handful of shows on the East Coast— mostly festivals and universities, and will be premiering a music video for “Loyal” soon. Find their fall dates below, and look for tickets here.