A new project has been brewing in Justin Bonifacio’s world. Throughout the summer he’s been teasing new things to come with his solo project Big X, leading up to today. The teasers and photos so far have carried a distinctive look, sound, and feel, indicating the direction Bonifacio is going in. Today fans can see and hear all of it for themselves, as Big X reveals new single “SCRAPE” and its music video this morning on Substream.

The song begins with Bonifacio’s voice over a ticking clock and mounting synths and beats. While his voice is smooth on the melody, his words are charged with emotion. “SCRAPE” contains a bevy of bubbling fury over those he sees as taking advantage of the poor and using ill-gotten money to get out of any and all consequences. That fury boils over in the chorus where Bonifacio’s voice gains an edge and the music surges with more percussion as he laments this plight. The music video for “SCRAPE” takes a similar approach, as it plays and is shot just like an action movie. In the video, a hitman is out for justice against those who take all the money and hoard it for themselves. The story is intermixed with shots of Big X bathed in neon lights as he performs the track.

Big X had more to say outside of the lyrics as well. He says ““The song is my quiet take on all these folk that are bashing capitalism and want to bring socialism to our country. What do I care how much money rich people have? I don’t complain about it, I just work harder. By historical standards, I’m in the top 1% of people who have ever lived on the planet. I’ve been poor for the majority of my life and I’ll tell you this: if I’m ever filthy rich, I’m turning that money into more money. Plain and simple.”

You can watch the video for Big X‘s “SCRAPE” below.