On August 11, Jon Bellion‘s Glory Sound Prep tour played its last show at MECU Pavilion in Baltimore, MD, opening with Lawrence the Band and singer/songwriter Marc E. Bassy. On stage, Lawrence celebrated their recent signing with Bellion’s new record label, Beautiful Mind. Bellion emphasized the importance of creative and artistic freedom when announcing the record label, poetically stating, “Listen… this industry… it can’t fucking bring me down. Labels can’t bring us down.”

It was clear that Bellion’s fans are super-fans of him, knowing every word to every song. Although feeling sick, he said there was “no way in hell he’d cancel this show,” and because it was the last show on the tour, he hyped up the audience with sequences of beat-boxing and instrumental solos.

During his song “The Internet,” all eight members of Lawrence joined Bellion on stage in a dynamic performance, culminating with an epic solo-battle. Bellion calls it his “wheel of solos,” and whoever he points to on stage must battle against each other for a quick improvisation. The battles were fun and showed off just how talented all of the artists are. Bellion concluded the solos, and his performance, with a simple statement: “Actual live music. This is real shit.”


Marc E. Bassy

Jon Bellion: