A fitting song for anyone that spent the last year indoors, “I Wanna Go Out” finds Wavy Trees overcoming their fears of rejection in a memorable fashion.

One thing that we all have in common is a fear of how everyone else perceives us. There is the person we are in everyday life, and then there is the person we believe we are inside. Some of us spend our entire lives trying to bring the vision of ourselves we see in our minds into our everyday lives. Others, unfortunately, bury their truth as deep as possible and do their best to ignore it. If you are the former — and I sincerely hope you are — then Wavy Trees‘ latest song is for you.

Life is short. We spend most of our brief existence doing things that we don’t want to do, like work or sitting in traffic. Another big chunky spent in bed. I tell you all of this not to bring you down or send you spiraling into an existential crisis but to shine a light on the importance of embracing your truth. None of us have enough time to justify spending any of it hiding who we are from people who don’t matter in the big scheme of life. 

But the truth which Wavy Trees know so well is that being who you are can be a terrifying proposition. Trying to fulfill whatever destiny you believe is meant for your time on this planet may go against everything you are taught to think or do in life. It can mean abandoning lessons you were taught from childhood and leaving behind a life that you spent years or possibly even decades trying to make work despite how you feel inside. For most of us, living our truth requires a lot of work. Thankfully, Wavy Trees has a new single to help get us through the darkest times and give us hope for a better tomorrow.

“I Wanna Go Out” is a catchy track about the burning desire to flee the cages we keep inside ourselves. It’s about breaking down the walls we build-up to prevent other people from hurting that which matters most to us. Wavy Trees are urging listeners to take life by the reigns and doing precisely what they want, and after the last year, it’s the song we need right now.

In talking about “I Wanna Go Out,” Wavy Trees’ Zack Smith explains:

“Originally, the song was titled “Don’t Wanna Go Out” – but it made no sense after the pandemic hit so we changed the chorus lyric & then it made perfect sense. We are basically just talking about the frustration of being stuck inside our own cages… And stuck in our heads – the thoughts that hold us back from our full potential as humans. Sometimes the only thing holding us back are on own selves, and we need to shake that loose and just go for it. The song also alludes to the first time of getting high & just the chaotic things that we all go through when we’re young”. The band recorded with legendary producer Jay Baumgardner (Seether, Bush, Papa Roach, Lacuna Coil, Otherwise), who is also the owner of NRG Studios in North Hollywood, CA.

Substream is thrilled to premiere the video for “I Wanna Go Out.” Check it out:


Speaking about the video, Zack continues: 

“The ‘I Wanna Go Out’ video shoot was a blast! We came up with all the ideas a few days prior & sent them to our Director Ron Geffen of Rockland Studios. The meaning behind the video is on the surface, we all put on the front that we are OK with staying inside & are keeping the real version of ourselves locked in the basement. So basically, it’s our real selves trying to break out into the world, but we are also just keeping ourselves trapped within. The video was filmed at Jason’s house in East LA – and Ron really captured the essence of the song. We secretly thought the video made no sense at all, but it ended up turning out great & we are stoked on it – Hope y’all enjoy!”

All of us spent the last year of our life doing things we didn’t want to do, hoping that life would one day return to normal. As we begin to break free of the pandemic, I urge you not to lose sight of all the things you wish to do or your finite time to do them. If you have not already started living your truth, now is when you decide to embrace the identity elements you might otherwise hide. Being who you are and creating spaces where others feel free to do the same is among the most important things we can do as humans. Live your best life, and do everything you can to ensure others live theirs as well. Life is too short for anything else.