Exercise can be a real game changer when it comes to how we’re feeling and thinking. Through the release of chemicals in our body and other science-type things I don’t fully understand, a session with some weights or a run can totally reshape how we view the world. It can give us new perspective on a problem, sooth our worries, or simply give us a breather from our to-do lists. NYC songwriter Maude Latour is a fan of her bicycle, and has channeled her experience into a new track, aptly called “Ride My Bike.”

It’s incredible how closely Latour is able to mirror the physical and mental process of exercise’s effect on our brains on “Ride My Bike.” The track begins like how we feel before exercise, lethargic in tempo and doused in hazy, syrupy electronics. As she hits the chorus and begins her bike ride, the track explodes into life. The tempo shifts up dramatically, the sound opens and brightens, and listeners are right alongside Latour as she speeds through the streets and parks of New York. It’s an incredible feat of songwriting and planning to have pulled this off, and Latour does it flawlessly. The accompanying music video also mirrors this journey as Latour rides a stationary bike in front of a screen that displays all sorts of scenery and colors.

Check out the video for Maude Latour’s new track “Ride My Bike” below. Maybe do it while you pop in some headphones and head out on your own ride.