If you’re an electro-pop fan, 2019 continues to be the year for you. Joining the party this year is Lydia Halloway, a New York pop artist who has already released two singles earlier in the year: “Gold” and “Dancing To You.” Today she shared her third track “Lights Go Out,” and you don’t want to miss this song.

“Lights Go Out” shows Halloway’s deft songwriting alongside excellent production. The track is clean and melodic in its sound, using the synths to create an instantly catchy sound while still showcasing the writing and Halloway’s voice. At the same time, there are sections in the chorus that turn up the music to 11 and let listeners dance to their hearts’ content. Lyrically, Halloway self-assuredly talks about how much her ex is missing her, but there are lines throughout that can recontextualize the meaning of the song, warranting repeat listens.

You can listen to Lydia Halloway’s new single “Lights Go Out” below.