Indie-pop artist Freda James has unveiled the music video for “Just Like Wind,” the lead single off her debut EP, A Woman Alone. The EP dropped earlier this summer and chronicles Freda’s journey of self-discovery and womanhood. Rather than following a linear narrative, “Just Like Wind” depends solely on dreamy nature visuals to illicit an emotional response from the viewer. The video was directed by James Bianchi and includes art direction from Freda James herself.

Of the new video, Freda says:
“We often move forward with our lives unconsciously, pulled by the taught string of inertia that the outside world has us tied to. Days, months, years fly by as the seasons turn into one another. But sometimes, suddenly, something inside of us breaks stride, desperately trying to halt the unconscious journey that has gotten us here. We meditate, we medicate, we re-enter nature and pray to the stars to keep us out of the unconscious flow that moves our lives along, unnervingly so. In this momentary effort lies truth, reflection, empowerment, freedom.

The film for ‘Just Like Wind’ is a visual representation of this found freedom – a break from the insistent movement of time, a psychedelic disconnection from the immovable systems that we’ve put in place to numb ourselves. ‘Just Like Wind’ is about taking a break from time and space in order to find something substantial. Something that makes us feel.”

Check out the video here: