Like many musical contemporaries born and bred in Sweden, Robin Lundbäck has a natural pop sensibility that is difficult to match. Raised in a music-oriented household, he knew from a young age that he was going to pursue music professionally. He worked alongside his brothers in a boy-band for several years before ultimately deciding to follow his own passion for the craft of songwriting. Taking on the title Boy In Space, Lundbäck’s latest musical endeavor allows him the opportunity to take control of his vision for his own brand of pop.

While the name Boy In Space immediately brings forth thoughts of stars and planets, the focus of the project actually points to the in-between. “It’s my space where I can do whatever I want to,” says Robin. “I’m quite a happy guy and I’m not that moody so I think it’s a great place for me to express my sad emotions, and it’s very therapeutic.”

Allowing himself to explore the boundaries of his emotions through poetic lyricism, he effectively depicts those feelings through incredibly tangible imagery. His single “7UP” captures the dreamy romanticism of a summer romance through cinematic descriptions. Painting a portrait of treehouses and kick-backs, the track unfolds like a film.

“Mostly, I just start visualizing things in my head but I think that draws from the original emotions that I have,” says Lundbäck. “And from there I just kind of spiral towards something.” The lyrics, grounded in realism, craft a landscape that is both emotionally impactful and captivating to the imagination.

His vision is clear way before the finished product; oftentimes he is able to write up the bare bones of a song in as little as an hour. He focuses on making sure each song is able to stand independently as a story rather than concerning himself with where the song will fit in amongst his growing catalogue. “I think it’s always good to keep an open mind when it comes to songwriting and doing something that might be a little bit different,” says Lundbäck. “I think if you’re making good music, people will react to it and they want to act upon it because they think it could be something.”

He confidently calls himself a songwriter first and in his own musical research does not dedicate time listening to one artist consistently, preferring to constantly hunt for great songs from any and every decade. He says, “I think a good song is a good song so there’s no time limit on a good melody.” Keeping that in mind with every songwriting session, he is dedicated to consistently writing songs that capture the real heart of what he wants to say. While there are no immediate plans for release of a full-length project from Boy In Space, he has released a handful of singles that showcase that heart.

Thus far his singles have all been pop-based, while his most recent release, “Cold,” sees the Swede experiment with more urban influences. Produced by unheard, the track quietly unpacks a heartbreak through a click-track over humming synths and emotion-tinged vocals. With “Cold” landing a coveted slot on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist upon release, there is remarkable promise for what is to come for Boy In Space.

Today, Substream Magazine is proud to share a first look at the acoustic video for “Cold.” The Tom Gorst directed video sees Lundbäck return to a sports arena, much like the empty hockey rink of the original video. Stripped of professional editing and special lighting, he stands alone, plucking strings on an acoustic guitar. Offering a new sentiment to the already honest track, the acoustic arrangement showcases Lundbäck’s ability to seamlessly transition from the sleek production we’ve come to expect to a more vulnerable persona. Check it out below.