Alt-pop songstress BAUM (AKA Sabrina Teitelbaum) has released the music video for her new single “Bad Kid.” Owning up to her regrets, “Bad Kid” is Sabrina’s reflection on wishing things could have been different before it was too late. The video, directed by Marcella Cytynowicz, sees BAUM amidst the majestic wild of Iceland.

“This song is about grieving, and regardless of how many people you have around you, you feel completely alone when you’re going through that,” she says. “We just wanted to capture that idea in a beautiful place. It was a slightly dangerous experience – the doors almost flew off our car at one point and then the car broke down on the side of a mountain at night – but it was the most amazing week of my life.”

The new single follows BAUM’s previous release “Fuckboy,” in which she candidly owns up to being just as toxic as the fuckboy in her life. Her debut EP, Ungodly, was released just last year and resonates with bold self-awareness.

Check out the music video for “Bad Kid” here: