JUJ has rereleased her song “Mood” with an appearance from Roc Nation rapper, Vic Mensa. The song touches on themes of working hard to achieve your dream and the struggles that accompany the hustle.

“Mood (Feat. Vic Mensa)’ is the story of my move at 17 years old across country to chase a dream,” says JUJ. “Allowing Vic to share his story about the hardships he’s experienced adds a perspective that links our journeys.”

JUJ’s powerful debut EP, JUJ, It’s U is full of strength and positivity in a time where young people are craving it the most. The rising pop artist recently collaborated with streetwear giant Champion to bring her EP to fans with exclusive listening parties in New York and Los Angeles. A Los Angeles transplant from Philadelphia, JUJ puts all of herself out there with an empowering debut.

Check out “Mood” below: