PUP will release their new album, Morbid Stuff, this Friday, April 5th. Its heavy lyrics and hard instrumentals are sure to capture old and new fans with their new songs.

Morbid Stuff starts off with a self titled track. Being catchy with honest lyrics, you are instantly wanting more. Single “Kids” is next presenting an unusual love song to relate to. As an already fan favorite, the chorus is a great sing a long. Watch the music video to “Kids” below:

“See You At the Funeral” is a stand out with another great chorus to relate to saying goodbye to past relationships. Switching to a harder sound, “Scorpion Hill” and “Closure” are accompanied by rough guitar riffs and straining vocals.

Jumping ahead on the album to “Sibling Rivalry”,  the band talks about not dealing with certain situations. The song makes it pretty vocal that they’re not going to put up with it any longer. Ending out the album, “City” slows down the entire album with a gradual build to a reckless guitar sound.

The album centers around lyrics about death and literal morbid stuff. The band emits such strong emotion throughout that are clearly present. It delivers everything that PUP fans have grown to love about them while presenting a new era to jump right into.

Ahead of the release, PUP performed on Late Night with Seth Myers and will be heading out on tour this spring.