It’s not easy to figure out our path in life. Very few people know right from the start where they want to take themselves. The process of finding our calling and our happiness involves a lot of guesses, an equal amount of mistakes and false starts, and some backtracking and starting over. Once you weave through everything and find the path, it all becomes worth it. Vancouver’s Dani Le Rose went through this process herself, and she’s sharing the discoveries she made with everyone else. I’m thrilled to premiere her findings in the form of her new single “The Maze” here this morning on Substream.

If you’re a fan of ’80s synthpop, you’re going to be ecstatic as soon as “The Maze” starts. A groovy beat and meticulously placed synths are the defining features of the track. Le Rose thrives against this backdrop, the confidence and thrill of the music matched by her voice. She tells us about her journey towards finding herself and her happiness, bravely diving back into “the maze” over and over in order to eventually conquer it and come out on top of it. There are so many moments in “The Maze” to enthrall listeners. The hook is a funky good time, Le Rose’s lyrics are inventive while still being clear in their metaphor, and the entire track radiates fun and confidence.

Le Rose talked to us about the origins of the feelings and the name behind “The Maze.” She says:

“The Maze (Feeling That Feeling Without You)” is a song that represents the feeling of self-confidence. There’s power is not needing assurance from anyone else. When creating “The Maze”, I wanted the feeling of the song to represent self-awareness of my worth as an artist and human being. I got over trying to be cool. The moment I let that all go, the real magic happened. Sometimes life can be a struggle and seem like we are wandering in a maze. On many levels, this track represents self-discovery and what can happen when you follow your instincts.”

Prepare your ears for a trip into this cool puzzle and listen to “The Maze” now.