A long time ago, when I started to release my music and post it on the internet, I found out that one of the best ways to get people to listen to my music is to get it on playlists, where real listeners are consuming music on a regular basis.

 So I’ve decided to reach out to different Spotify playlisters and I’ve made a list with the right curators fitting my genre and their contacts. It took me about one month to come up with the right list. I emailed about 300 different curators and received only 2 replies. 

After some time, I realized that these curators get lots of emails every day from artists like me, and they don’t have time to respond to and listen to every song. I found out that the best way to get my music on Spotify playlists is by using different playlist promotion services, which usually do the heavy lifting for the artist. 

Nowadays, there are lots of ways for new music artists to promote their music on streaming services and social media. Each one works in a different way and provides different results.

 Some Spotify music promotion services have a list of music curators and let you send them your music. Others offer traditional PR services with connections in the music industry. It depends on what you want and where you want to focus your work.

Some artists spend their efforts promoting their music on social media, while others prefer to promote their music on Spotify or TikTok.
 Since there is so much music out there and the competition is fierce, every artist should try to promote their music in as many ways as possible.

Things to think about when picking a music promotion company.

When you want to promote your music, there are some important things to think about.

The most important thing is to use a real and organic Spotify promotion service for submitting your music.

Generally, if a service promises to put your song on a playlist or get you lots of plays without even listening to your song, it’s probably a service that uses a bot playlists, and you should not use it. 

Making sure you only use real streams is really important. If you use fake streams, your Spotify account could get shut down forever. This is especially true since Spotify changed its rules at the start of 2024. So, it’s best to only work with trustworthy music promotion companies.

Another important rule is to always keep your music rights. Do not agree to any deals that ask for your music ownership or a share of your earnings as payment for promotion services. If you’re not sure about a service, try it out with a small campaign or short trial before spending a lot of money. Then, you can see if the service works well for you.

The most important thing is to make sure your song is in top notch quality and it’s very well produced. You can’t send in a bad song and hope for good results.

The 12 Best Spotify Promotion Websites

There are many options available for the independent artists, it can be a little bit hard to choose the best Spotify playlist submission service for your specific needs. To help you make a wise choice, we have compiled a list of the best services available today. If you’re an artist looking to promote your music, this article can help you choose the right service to promote your music.
 Here are the best Spotify promotion services available on the market in 2024: 

1. One Submit

One Submit is a music submission platform that was created in 2022 by Oren Sharon,

a songwriter/producer. He built the service after he couldn’t find a good way to promote his own music. Now, the platform helps artists promote their music easily and efficiently.

You can upload your track on the platform, choose the right music genre for you, and send it to Spotify playlists, TikTok creators, music blogs, YouTube music channels, or send your music to online radio stations.
 There’s guaranteed feedback for every submission. If they like it, they will include it in their playlist, channel, or blog. If we miss a review, there’s a money back guarantee.
 Their TikTok campaigns include submission to TikTok with up to 4.8 followers, and if the TikToker refuses to upload your music, you will receive a refund for that submission. 


Basically It’s cost efficient service and prices are determined by the artist, based on the number of submissions, starting from $3 per submission. 

We have noticed that other platforms charge over 200% more for the same service, so the pricing is fair. 

Your music can be sent to at least 25 experts (with a minimum campaign of $75)  They also have a good blog with tips for submitting playlists to Spotify, how much does Spotify pay per stream, 

In general, One Submit is the best option for music promotion.

2. MySphera 

My Sphera says on its website that it provides cheap and easy advertising that is made for your music.

The campaigns can reach just a few people and can last for 3 weeks to a month, depending on your plan. If your music is not on a Spotify playlist, you can get a full refund from any membership level.

Most people are polite. When you put your song on MySphere, it will be listened to and sent to the right playlists. It’s a great service for helping independent musicians share their music.

 3. “The Tom Dupree III Agency”

Tom DuPree III works in music and is also a musician and producer and has been in the music business for a while now.

Tom helps small musicians by advertising their music on social media. His agency is good at using Facebook and Instagram ads to make musicians more popular.

Many musicians find that having support from others helps them.

Also, he is prepared to talk about the specific information over a Zoom call, so he can easily give you answers to any questions you have.

In general, Tom’s ways of promoting music are easy and work well.

4.Starlight PR

Starlight PR is a top PR marketing company in the world.

They are known for doing a good job with social media, PR, and helping artists to build their brand.

Some of the campaigns you might like are: a team that helps you with public relations, interviews on the radio and podcasts, getting featured in magazines and blogs, and getting your music on playlists. These are all part of the four-week Next Level campaign.

They help with growing your TikTok and getting your music on Spotify playlists. They also help with marketing on Spotify and have a team dedicated to public relations.

Prices range from $1199 to $44,999.

The starter package comes with press releases, live interviews, a PR team just for you, and room for blogs and articles.

They also helped some famous customers like Cardi B, Alessia, and Post Malone, but the prices will be reasonable.

5. The Planetary Group

Planetary Group is a company that helps musicians promote their music on social media, radio, and online, and internationally. They feel really good about how they work with artists. They come up with a special plan for each artist.

You have worked with famous singers like Katy Perry, Khaled, and others. However, Planetary Group is a good service to think about if you are looking for something that fits your particular needs. Just like Starlight PR, campaign prices can be costly.

6. The Marble Collective 

The Marble Collective is a nice serivce with Spotify playlist placement option. It helps promote music, especially less popular kinds like rock, punk, folk, singer-songwriter, indie, and alternative. Your music will be sent straight to Submithub Spotify playlist curators , so they don’t really do campaigns, just music contributions. But if you qualify, this is a very trustworthy and reliable option to think about.

7.For the Love of Bands

For the Love of Bands is a small company that promotes music. They make playlists of all different types of music and offers playlist placements on Spotify, Apple, Deezer, YouTube, and SoundCloud. This site lets you post for free, but you have to buy their products like t-shirts, hoodies, or tank tops. This means you will definitely get a message from the curator in 3 days. You can still send them music without buying stuff, but you might have to wait a long time to hear back from them. You really enjoy music. Their music collections are special and include many different types of music, but they often have a sound that is similar to a band. Basic freelance website.

8.Cyber PR

Cyber PR is a nice company that helps artists with different services. We help artists with their websites, music, and advertising on radio and social media. Their service is great for new artists. If you need a “full tune-up,” this service could be helpful for you. They also assist artists on social media by directing them to content that can help them get more followers and make more people aware of their music.

Sure, please provide the text you would like me to simplify for you. Playlist Push is a platform that helps independent artists promote their music by getting it placed on popular playlists.

9. Playlist Push

Playlist Push started in 2017. It’s a Spotify playlist promotion service and TikTok by using influencers.

Their prices are expensive; the campaigns cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. If you have some extra money to spend on promoting your music and your song is really good, these services can help you get your song on more playlists and get more people to listen to it for free.

10. SoundPlate

SoundPlate is a company that has been around for a long time and supports electronic dance music and popular music styles.

They have many ways to help promote music, like tools and resources, music tickets, and advertising.

They can also be used as a different label. They can put ads on social media, add music to playlists, and they also make music records.

11.Behind the Scenes Media

Behind the Curtains Media is a company that helps to promote music. They work with Spotify, radio stations, and blogs.

They have a recording studio and are giving free advice to new artists on social media, getting publicity, and managing their careers.

In my opinion, they are best for smaller artists. If you are starting out, you shouldn’t spend a lot of money. But if you want to grow, they are a good choice.

The price changes depending on what you like, but you can choose to pay monthly or for each campaign.

12. ReverbNation 

ReverbNation is a platform for musicians and artists to share their music with the world.

ReverbNation helps artists and musicians share their music on streaming platforms and social media to reach more people. The website shows how popular your music is by looking at how many people can listen to it, how much it’s known, how much it can affect others, and how recent it is. The website is a place where musicians can connect with each other, share their music, sell their music, and make their own websites for free. If you like, you can also make money by selling your music. You can do this by making websites where people can share your stuff.

They have both paid and free subscriptions. The free option lets you download as much music as you want and also includes emails, in-app players, and different ways to promote music on social media.

The paid membership gives you extra things.

Closing Remarks

Keep in mind that how well your music does depends on how good it is. If you don’t feel completely good about your music skills, don’t hurry to share your music with others. Ensure that your social media contacts, electronic press kits, and graphics are prepared and easily accessible for everyone. We think this article has helped you figure out which music promotion service is right for you and where you are in your music career. Getting in touch with one of the music promotion companies we talked about today is one of the best ways to do this.