Philadelphia indie/post-punk outfit, Church Girls, will be releasing their new EP, Cycles, tomorrow January 25th via Chatterbot Records. The EP was produced by Scott Solter (The Mountain Goats, Superchunk, Okkervil River), adding to their impressive resume that includes working with critically acclaimed producers Erik Wofford (Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky) and Brian McTear (Dr. Dog, Marissa Nadler, The War on Drugs).

With the upcoming EP, Church Girls have crafted a release that wrestles with the dissolution of interpersonal relationships, and the accountability that comes with disquiet when setting boundaries for loved ones who encounter the quicksand of substance abuse. Lead singer/guitarist Mariel Beaumont culls from some of these close-to-home memories, educing fuzzier, bristly moments that espouse physicality and pave the way for a more captivating live performance.

“We’ve been going after something more tribal, a transcendent quality where you can kind of feel it in your chest. That’s how I feel like we connect with our crowd the best,” begins Beaumont. “We play a little harder and faster now. I scream a little bit more. We’ve also been enjoying the regularity of mosh pits at our shows these days.”

Today, we are excited to premiere one new song ahead of Cycles’ release tomorrow to hold Church Girls fans over for one more day. Below you will find a new track called “Balance,” which is a track that perfectly illustrates this sound the band was aiming for.

“Balance” is a song about boundaries, moving back and forth between compassion and boiling frustrations with relapse. Beaumont explains, “Where’s the appropriate line to draw? At the same time, you wanna be compassionate and you know—that person’s your family too. They have this disease, but when are they using it as an excuse, or not working on improving themselves?” Beaumont emphasizes how Cycles is about repeated behavior and dealing with the aftermath of an ostensibly Sisyphean task.

If you like what you hear from “Balance” and Church Girls, you can still pre-order their new EP, Cycles, ahead of it’s release tomorrow. Below you will find the EP artwork and track-listing for the release.


Church Girls EP artwork


  1. Balance
  2. Distant Peaks
  3. No Patience
  4. Dry Out
  5. Cycles

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