Calmgrove hails from Southern California and is the next up-and-coming band to set out on their own journey of crafting emo-tinged melodic-punk.

While they have only been around for a year, Calmgrove is putting it all together. There is a sense of urgency to their music, while maintaining it’s accessibility of modern pop-punk music. The reception to their music has been a widespread success across California, due to the degree of maturity that already resides in their music.

Recently, the band opened for In Her Own Words, and even got placement in two Spotify playlists: Pop Punk’s Not Dead and New Punk Tracks. Now, we are incredibly excited to be teaming up with Calmgrove to debut their next single, “Misery.”

“We wrote this song about the hardships that come when relationships begin to fall apart,” vocalist Eric Guzman tells Substream. “It’s a part of life that hits everyone eventually and often leaves you wondering ‘What could have I done differently?’ Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. tend to come and go as we grow up, but the sting from their absence lingers around and causes a sense of misery.”

If you like what you hear from Calmgrove and “Misery” today, we encourage you to keep up with the band. You’ll find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.