One of the coolest “accomplishments” listeners can attest to is finding an artist before they “go big time.” This happened with me, personally, during twenty one pilots and Imagine Dragons’ when they both rose to fame. I remember rocking out to “Holding Onto You” by twenty one pilots before most people knew anything about them. Today, I’m excited to show you the brand new alt-R&B track from Vaines titled “Medicine.”

If you’re a fan of nothing,nowhere or blackbear, you will adore this new track. It’s titled “Medicine” and it’s about a relationship that grows toxic and goes horribly wrong. On the song, Vaines states, “This song is kind of an interesting look at a relationship I’ve written about before. It’s less about the toxic parts of the relationship itself, but the negative things I took away from it and how it affected future connections with people.”

Aside from being relatable, the track rules. It has this mix of R&B and rock, which is something you don’t necessarily see from other artists, especially those in the same lane. “Musically it’s a great example of all of my influences,” Vaines says. “One minute you’re listening to a moody r&b breakup song and then boom: guitar solo. If you’re confused about whether you should dance or headbang, I’ve done my job.”

Check out “Medicine” below.