Following the 2018 single “Wait For You”, Jake Miller has released the new single “Nikes.” It’s the second track shared from his upcoming EP, BASED ON A TRUE STORY, and as the EP title suggests, it’s inspired by a real-life experience. He says in a press release,

“I had gotten out of an eight-year relationship, and I realized that I had a pair of shoes sitting in my corner that weren’t mine…. It’s basically reminiscing on what we had. It’s emotional about the past, but it makes you think about the future. My favorite songs can hype you up and cause you to get emotional too.”

“Nikes” features rich production and a memorable, but simple, guitar line, as Miller sings about the pair of shoes that “bring back memories”. BASED ON A TRUE STORY is his RED MUSIC debut, though he’s been making music for years, and in 2017, taught himself to produce his own tracks. The result is something that anyone who’s been through a break-up and not known what to do with their old shoes – or their hoodie, their t-shirt, etc. – can relate to.

The release of “Nikes” comes along with a new merch line featuring “Nike-inspired” items: hoodies, t-shirts, shoelaces, and more. Check it out on Miller’s online merch store.

BASED ON A TRUE STORY will be released March 29. Two weeks later, Jake Miller will hit the road for the Wait For You Tour. He’ll be joined by Logan Henderson and Just Seconds Apart on all dates of the tour (April 11 – May 17). Before the tour begins, Jake Miller will perform at iHeartRadio’s Blossom Bash as part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC on April 5.