Brae Gromek had a breakout year in 2018 as phenomenon recording artist Gromo. Capturing Dance fans hearts with his accomplishment of being the youngest DJ ever to play the iconic Ultra Music Festival. Seizing the moment, the Manhattan-native began releasing hot new music including fan-favorites, “Natural High”, “Roll”, and the buzzworthy end of the year anthem “RIP”. As his stock continues to rise, Gromo keeps the momentum going with the release of his new 2019 kick-off single, properly-titled, “Hurry”.

Available via Gromo’s imprint, “Hurry” is a lady-friendly flirtatiously suave love song. Along with frequent collaborator Hush on the vocals, Gromo rushes to the runway to connect with his love interest and live happily ever after. Blended with multiple layers of Pop, Bass, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Dance, Gromo exhibits his versatility to venture out to various genres and deliver chart-topping performances.

Gromo on the making of “Hurry”:

‘Hurry’ was inspired by New York “Boom Bap” style production. I have always dug gospel music and the emotions within, so I wanted to incorporate a soulful vocal sample in the song. Everything is built around the vocal sample. Drums are second nature to me, I’ve always had a keen understanding of drum programming and how to make them more humanized with techniques such as swing and velocity changes. When people listen to the song, I want them to feel uplifted that it takes over their soul and elevates the day-to-day stress. That is my main goal whenever I produce a song.

Originally coming onto the scene in 2015, the college student by day, world-renounced DJ by night caught a break with his catchy remixes for superstars like Zhu. Becoming a Phenom through his creativity, dedication, and style. “Hurry” concept is a perfect example of the DJ’s success as he has been busy globe-trotting, performing in countries such as Japan, Bali, and Europe. For newfound fans, Gromo will instantly become a favorite newly discovered artist the second they press play, mark my words.

Destined for greatness, keep track of everything Gromo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

Check out the new single by Gromo x Hush below, courtesy of Spotify.