There’s a new wave of pop-punk crawling out from the gutter and it’s being spearheaded by two small labels that you should probably get familiar with. Both Open Door Records and Counter Intuitive Records house some of the most refreshing young bands to come from the scene in a minute. This new wave is sardonic and biting, unapologetic pop-punk that isn’t afraid to bear its teeth and be what it is. The latter is home to bands like Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Mom Jeans, and Graduating Life, while the former houses acts like the tenacious skank-n-roll ska powerhouse Just Friends and Casual Friday. I’m excited to team up with Open Door Records to help introduce a band that’s sure to blow up in no time — Corona, California’s kings of poppy punk, Melted.

Today, I’m bringing you the animated music video for Melted’s explosive new single, “Most Days.” The video itself was animated by Robbie Pfeffer of Playboy Manbaby and features some rough around the edges, early Disney style cast of characters. The style works in stark contrast to the story and song — the main character is almost immediately seen jumping from a ledge and free-falling as Melted unapologetically shreds through lyrics like “Most days I wanna die/Most days I wanna end my life or bleed out from the eyes/Some days I wish I’d never wake up/but today/Today’s okay!” that feel like they’re born of life’s monotonous motions.

When asked about the track, vocalist Justin Eckley said: “Originally, Most Days’ lyrics were much more positive; they were about having friends who all suffer from the same daily stress, but find a way to feel better together. While I was still writing the song, I fell into a very dark hole, in which most of the lyrics on Thin Skin were written. I changed the lyrics to a much darker, negative tone. When we finally when into pre-production, all the accumulated stress of my normal life dissipated, and that day I felt better. So I changed a line to better suit this situation: most days are terrible, but today is better.

The music video for “Most Days” can be seen above. Thin Skin is out March 16th on Open Door Records. Snag your copy of the record here.