If you’re not a fan of Blake Rose yet, now is the perfect time to start. Rose came onto the scene late in 2018 with his debut single “Hotel Room,” and he followed it up with second single “Lost” this past Friday. The track showcases Rose’s smooth and soulful voice alongside his ability to craft a simple, pleasing hook into a rich, fulfilling track. Besides that, the pain from missing an ex he messed things up with comes through in powerful waves, making for an affecting track that’s rare from such a new artist. Such a strong track needs a music video, and Rose has answered with the video for “Lost” this week.

Based on the subject matter of “Lost,” you won’t be surprised to learn Rose spends the entirety of the video on his own. Whether performing in an abandoned warehouse or driving down the road, you can feel his isolation. The chorus of “Lost” finds him wishing his love was “lost” alongside him in the adventure of life, and his facial expressions convey that convincingly. The video is full of neat shots, with the car scenes filmed by an old handheld camera standing out. The shots of Rose behind a window pane as water pours down it are nicely framed and captured, as well.

To get familiar with Blake Rose, you can watch the video for “Lost” and keep up with him on Instagram and Twitter.