We’re still very early in the year 2019. In these early months, we already have an unequivocal winner for the year: Tiffany Young. The pop star has utterly dominated January and February. Her single “Born Again” and its video are both excellent and have satisfied fans, with the video sitting at 3.6 million views on YouTube just a brief two weeks after its release. Her EP Lips on Lips is set for release next Friday, and we’re excited to listen in. Today, Young has given us another great single with “Lips on Lips,” the EP’s title track.

In this case, “Lips on Lips” is pretty literal. Young takes all the magic that comes from falling in love and being in a relationship, and distills it into the moment of sharing a kiss with that special person. As you may know, a good kiss is pretty spectacular. That sense of fun and wonder is present throughout “Lips on Lips,” as the 9AM-produced track is both gleeful and romantic. The lyrics where Young details all the qualities that make her love so special feature tender, soft production. The big moments where “the kiss” happens pop with summery synths and a dreamy beat. All of the positive feelings that come with love are here, which is a credit to Young’s writing and 9AM’s production.

Take a listen to “Lips on Lips” for yourself. The Lips on Lips EP is set for release next Friday, February 22. You can pre-order the project here.