NXGHTSHADE is the brand new project from songwriter/producer Chris Qualls. (Cutcraft
Music/Concord Music Publishing) After successfully writing and producing for other artists since 2014, Qualls decided to start his own late night solo project and created an upbeat, disco house version of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams which he give to his wife for her birthday. “Dreams was a special song for them and she particularly loved that funky style of music.” explains Qualls. While attending the popular LA experience “Emo Nite”, Qualls found himself surrounded by like minded individuals who all grew up listening to the same music. Inspired by the energy of “Emo Night”, he was struck with the idea of creating similar upbeat, fun dance versions of emo, punk and indie rock classics. NXGHTSHADE was born on that night.
 “Even sad kids wanna dance sometimes.” – Chris Qualls, NXGHTSHADE
NXGHTSHADE’s cover of Tegan & Sara’s Walking With A Ghost, featuring Kev Ghost (Ghost Town), is a fun, dance-pop version of the classic song. Kev Ghost and NXGHTSHADE had been working on songs for Kev’s solo project when NXGHTSHADE pitched the idea of recording the Tegan & Sara classic as a tribute to the Ghost Town and Kev Ghost monikers. Chemical Messiah, the popular alternative collage artists, was brought in to do the cover art for the single.
About Kev Ghost;
Kevin Ghost is the originator and singer of LA’s own Ghost Town, est. 2012. Their self-released debut album immediately topped the charts and built a cult following dubbed the “Haunted Youth” in which fans proclaimed themselves as “Ghosts”.  Once picked up by Fueled by Ramen, he jumped on the road and didn’t look back releasing three albums, two EP’s, and a dozen singles. Kev Ghost released his debut solo single, “Like I Wanna Die” earlier this year. Without any specific genre in mind, Kev plans to release new singles throughout the rest of 2020.