The idea of starting over can be an appealing one. It doesn’t matter on what scale it is, a fresh slate can be good. It could be as small as restarting one assignment at work, or it could involve changing your whole lifestyle and outlook. Hearing these types of stories is awe-inspiring, especially when it comes from someone already awe-inspiring. Enter global pop star Tiffany Young. Young already has a massive following from great singles like last year’s “Teach You,” but now she’s giving listeners an even closer look at her through her music. Today she shared the moving new single “Born Again” and its video, taken from her upcoming EP Lips on Lips.

“Born Again,” as the title implies, finds Young reaching for a new beginning. Young has released soft, open tracks before, but nothing like this. There’s still a satisfying layer of shine and intricacy in the pop production, but it takes a back seat to Young’s lyrical message. The track was inspired by turmoil in her personal life, and she uses that turmoil to create a fresh start. In a press release, she explained ““The lyrics come from deep inside me as inspiration to others and to myself to be authentic and find strength in being vulnerable. I hope that this song conveys my willingness to grow and to also show others that even through sad and heartbreaking times, you can not only survive but thrive.”

The music video is set next to the ocean as Young performs “Born Again” by herself. The emotionally intensity of the video is palpable, especially in scenes where we see Young sobbing while sitting in the tide. You can tell all of the feelings pouring out of her are real and genuine, and it makes the video that much more powerful. There are also gorgeous shots of the water itself, as we see its cleansing nature and ability to wipe away what was here before.

You can watch the video for “Born Again” below. Tiffany Young’s new EP Lips on Lips is set to drop on February 22. You can follow Young on Instagram and Twitter.